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Mike Nesmith links

Propinquity's page(my soul bro!!)
Prop is always working on new nez and monkees projects-you never know what you will find!!
the Michael Nesmith home page
news, photos, pictures, information on many Nez projects
cds,tapes, videos-its all here!!! it takes a while to download cuz of the graphics but its worth it-see if the general store has anything in it yet!!
the Monkees web ring
lots of links to mike sites!!!
Michael Nesmith tribute page
nice site, it is just what it says
Michael Nesmith
another tribute page!!! there can never be enough!!!
the Mike Nesmith admiration page
i only skimmed this page so far-when i check it out-i will let you know
Michael Nesmith pictures
PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!!! need i say more??
Monkees Forever
has info about all the members of the monkees-short bios
urban legends
find out the story behind liquid paper and see mike nesmith as a young boy with his mother(he is so cute)


As I was surfing the web I found quite a few Mike Nesmith pages. It took me a long time to go through all the search engines, so I decided to make it easier for others! I hope you find some stuff you like here. Most of the links are Mike only pages but I have put some Monkee links that have good Nez info or pics on them. If you know of any other Mike Nesmith links that i could put here, or come across any dead links- please let me know with an e-mail! Thank you and i hope you like these pages as much as i do!!


special thanks to brad waddell and the Monkees home page
the pictures on this page were used with permission from Brad Waddell
Auntie Grizela's Monkees page
pictures, personal info on all the monkees
Bailey and Andrea's Monkees page
polls, lists,MIKE NESMITH NUDE?????? check it out!!!
seamus's page
info on a nez tribute project
wavs, pics and more
the Green Hat society
generally an awesome page!!! lots of pictures-her list of reasons why Mike is her favorite monkee is pretty cool
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