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my nez obsession page

nez-links galore!!!!
my new nez page-much improved!


Okay, if you got here through my nez page- you already know i am a huge Mike Nesmith fan! But i have other things going on in my life too, honestly!!

My name is Linda Mae. I live in the heart of Ohio's Amish country. It's a very boring town that i live in and the only thing that saves me from total boredom is my computer

I took this picture myself so its not too good. It's also the first picture I took with my new camera! Hopefully i will get a better one up soon!The picture on the other side is a more recent one

I have been a monkees fan for 12 years now and a nez fan for 11. When i first heard ListenTo The Band- I was hooked for life!!!!

I have two cats, one 3.5 foot iguana and a 10 gallon aquarium in my apartment. It gets a bit crowded in here but i love them all!!!

I used to live in california( i miss it a lot!), in a town called Morro Bay. It is a beautiful town that i hope to visit again really soon. I traveled around a lot when i was younger so i have seen a lot of the united states. California is still my favorite though.

Well i cant think of much more for now, but when i do, i will be back!!! OK, major update!!!! my iguana died, one of my cats ran away, i got unengaged, ummm, i still have one fish left, i am dating a man in california, picture to follow later. thats about it, i have a boring life still--- goodbye and goodnight!